About Us

We’ve created a truly fashion forward nail boutique that serves as a center for relaxation, pampering, and socialization. Polished Beauty Lounge is ultra trendy, yet chic!

Countless hours have been spent refining the small details that most people would never notice, which collectively produce a luxurious fashionista’s and Barbie’s dream beauty salon. The final result is a retreat to escape, exhale, and relax at affordable prices, allowing you to make it part of your regular beauty regimen. Our mission is to pamper while keeping your hands and feet healthy and beautiful!

Our Staff

We set ourselves apart by employing licensed nail technicians and English is the only language spoken in the salon. We are a talented multicultural group of dedicated nail professionals that have 65 years of combined experience. Our nail technicians also receive additional training in “Polished Techniques”, therefore you will always receive quality and consistent service. We greet you with a warm smile and treat you with care and courtesy. Your Polished experience isn’t just about a glamorous environment, quality service, or products, it’s also about client satisfaction.

Our Disinfecting Procedure

Polished Beauty Lounge goes way beyond what the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology requires us to do. Every service begins with sanitized implements placed in a sealed sterilized pouch to ensure hygiene and safety. Anything that cannot be disinfected is disposed after each use. We are committed to the highest sanitation standards!

Our Disinfection procedure: All instruments go through a rigorous sterilization process:

  1. The instruments are first washed in a soap solution
  2. They are then soaked in hospital-grade disinfectant for 10 minutes
  3. Next, they are sterilized in an autoclave for 45 minutes
  4. (An autoclave is the highest level of sterilization and is used in medical facilities to ensure sterility of an object).
  5. Finally, all implements are packaged into individual sealed sterilized pouches used in medical facilities.

At Polished, there are no whirlpool jets in a foot bath. Studies have shown that whirlpool jets in a foot bath is the main cause of skin infections due to filters which breed harmful bacterium. Also, The Center of Disease Control has issued a guideline against the use of whirlpool jets. To protect you, we have porcelain foot baths, which delivers purity and cleanliness because it is easy to disinfect (using hospital-grade disinfectant) after each use to kill bacteria, and prevent from spreading germs.

No-Chip Guarantee

We guarantee our work, if you chip a nail within 3 days of your manicure and 7 days of your pedicure, come on back, we’ll fix it for FREE! That is, of course, under normal wear and tear. Remember your nails are not meant to be used as power tools!


We want you to feel and look pretty, we have a large collection of nail polishes from OPI, ESSIE, and Orly to choose from along with latest fashion accessories such as fashion tapes, commandos, booty pops, foot petal, Havaiana flip flops and many more to make you feel and look fabulous!

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